DIGHUMLAB will be a national, distributed research infrastructure that integrates and promotes digital resources, communities, tools and opportunities to Danish researchers in the humanities and social sciences, and also at European and international levels.

In brief we wish to:

  • Develop tools and corpora (CLARIN.dk)
  • Integrate research and repositories (NetLab.dk)
  • Develop new ways of integrating media and teaching (Interaction Design, including mobile-labs)
  • Integrate the community needs with public and scholarly resources
  • To complete and continue the infrastructure cycle..to support and advance humanities scholars’ manifestos not our own!

What we can do for you:

  • Help develop scholarly tools for interfaces to archives
  • Help develop policy at Danish and EU level
  • Help develop online communities (university networks, DIGHUMLAB website)
  • Share courses workshops tools corpora and how to integrate into teaching and research
  • News and involvement in Danish, Nordic, EU opportunities


DIGHUMLAB is a national consortium of four Danish universities:  Aalborg University, Aarhus University, the University of Copenhagen and the University of Southern Denmark as well as the  State and University Library and the National Library of Denmark and Copenhagen University Library, to promote access to digital research resources, the development of research tools and education, strengthening ties to international networks.